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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 7, 2011, 2:31 PM
You can't just GO to November 8th.... you need a time machine. Do you have a time machine?

Yeah, I'm going mad, and like most fangirls I am in the midst of a cockblocktober coma... in other words, I have been on tumblr for like... 3 days non stop.…

I should and could be doing no end of other things, but I'm not. As tempted as I have been lately just to get on and make a gif/video of that mental sequence Kat got into my head yesterday while discussing how it could possibly come to be that every member of starkid are so fit.
She's like kryptonite to me... kryptonite that encourages tumbling...

No one is joining in my little tumblr festival tonight, so i'm on journal mode before I combust, cos you know... by now on a normal week where ryan murphy and his team of evil trolls aren't trying to explode fangirl ovaries via tumblr I would be listening to the previews of what to fast forward and what to mnomp at in preparation for Tuesday.
But there is no Tuesday this week, and therefore days of the week cease to exist this month. I hope they realise just how much this is going to affect how fail my cosplays will be at the end of the month, since we all know that nothing is going to matter till November.

Bet you're all sitting there thinking "just another Klaine fangirl, get off tumblr before it crashes." but noooo... and here's why:

- Believe it or not, I have decided now that we have seen a good few eps of season 3 that I don't like Blaine.…
Yeah, try to breathe again. I'm not saying I want him off Glee, cos it's quite refreshing to find a character on Glee which is 3 dimensional enough for feelings of dislike to occur (for reference, finn rachel will sam and all the other characters I "hate" really just irritate me with their presense). I will also add that I still love Darren and his voice and his barmy-ness, in case you worried I'd been taken away by Apple finally for revealing their alien-slavery secret.
Blaine is just far too smarmy for his own good, and really is beginning to remind me of a certain other experienced person who takes pleasure in manipulating people experiencing their first serious romantic relationship... and yeah West Side Story does the exact opposite of help this matter. Every GIF of Blaine from Asian F shows just how patronising he is getting around Kurt, and how ignorant of everyone elses thoughts and opinions he really is (also... how amazing is it that Darren can portray that with his eyes while his smile and words say "I love that about you").
So no, Novemeber 8th isn't making my ovaries quiver the way it is for so many others. I still look forward to it, because I'm hoping it will be Glee's middle finger in response to the horrible comments made after Orginal Song. I also look forward to the whole Gay Bar thing in general, because let's be honest, Darren dancing, drag, warblers and karofsky all in one place sounds like hilarity and the gifs will be incredible, no matter what happens.

- The second reason, is that November 1st, is possibly more exciting to me. Brittana is back baby! Hell to the yeah!…
Throw some of the shows new resident leprechaun into the mix and we have awesome. Oh yeah, and CANDYMAN!!!!! I have a feeling that HEMO and Naya will dominate my dashboard November 2nd... and I don't mind... No, I don't mind one bit.…
See... this is proof... the difference between the audible and sensible words used in my blaine rant compared to my hemaya drivvel. And the spelling.

- Lastly...…

I'm sure there were some coherant thoughts somewhere in my head, but Sarah has returned to tumblr... journal over.
Join us?

I leave you, in the manner of Stephen Fry, with a quote from my family:

Beki: "I'm fairly certain there's no greater feeling in the world than having a peice of cheese stuck in your teeth..."
Mum: "Two pieces of cheese stuck in your teeth?"
Beki points at mum.

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Happy Bday sweety! \^o^/
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Happy Birthday. I hope you're doing ok.
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Hi there, is this your cosplayisland page? [link]

If so, please could you add me on facebook - I would really love to chat to you about your Meg cosplay!


ladyloss Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is indeed. However, I keep my facebook for personal contacts only, so if you'd like to ask me about my Meg costume I'd rather you do so in a note here or via my commission contact email address:
Thank you. x
Squarah-Chan Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I watched Princess and the Frog the other day with Sarah, finally XD

Pooor ray!!!!!! :(((
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Hey izzy, my dA got hacked and deactivated :(
So i'm back! here :D

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